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The Green Living Company introduces Highland ColdPICK Systems to mobile postharvest pre-cooling and post-pack solutions in Fresh Harvest.

Temperature is the most important factor influencing the quality of harvested commodities. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), perishables deteriorate 2 to 3 times faster for every 10°C increase in temperature. On an average, 12% of produce in developed countries is lost before it ever reaches the market. And furthermore 20% is lost at the consumer level.

This makes postharvest pre-cooling one of the most important aspects of cold supply chain management. Unfortunately, current postharvest handling practices result in significant delays between harvest and pre-cooling. Cooling Fresh Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables quickly on-site improves product quality and shelf-life. And moreover it is particularly important for high- and medium-respiration produce such as strawberries, which must be cooled within one hour of harvest to avoid significant losses (UC Davis).

The Green Living Company Mobile Pre-coolers take the cold chain directly to the harvest site. By doing this, we make it possible for picking crews to load Fresh Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables into the pre-cooler as crops are harvested. Portable, easy-to-use, and versatile. Our mobile pre-coolers are the first link in a more efficient cold chain. One in which postharvest pre-cooling begins in the field.

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