The Green Living Co. & ColdPICK
 Forced Air & Vacuum Cooling Equipment

Preserve Quality! Reduce Costs! Save Energy! Increase Throughput!
Longer Shelf Life! Decrease Labor! Better Productivity!

Our Team Members

Gregory Smith
With decades of experience in sales and marketing, Gregory leads ColdPICK’s sales and business development activities. A specialist in Fresh Fruit and VegetableCold Chain Material Handling and Packaging, he has worked with growers, marketers, logistics companies and service providers to explore how ColdPICK technology can improve their business. His experience in Agriculture include Primary and Secondary Processing locations in North and South America, Europe, and Australia. If your crops are medium to high respiration Gregory and ColdPICK can offer leading edge technology to improve the bottom line.
Kimberly Walker
 I have worked with The Green Living Company (GLC) for over a decade with opportunities in various positions such as, CSM, Sales and Web Design serving the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Markets. GLC has made the commitment to differentiate our Cold Chain Solutions for chilling and freezing by reducing labor and energy costs for the grower.
For me to have a role from start to finish, and be an integral part of this dedication to our customers is so inspiring. I am proud to be a part of teams developing new and innovative ideas that help meet and exceed our customer needs.