Fresh-Frozen: The Golden Egg

Times have drastically changed in the Cannabis industry over the past decade - when once it was laughable to tell a grower they should freeze their harvest, now it is considered a must when making live rosin, ice water hash and other high end cannabis products.

We see more and more consumers demanding premium solventless-based extract products like hash rosin and bubble hash because they are pure and potent. Solventless products like hash rosin that use fresh frozen cannabis give a higher representation of terpene profiles as well as cannabinoids compared to other extracts like solvent-based products. Studies show freezing freshly harvested “live” cannabis preserves these precious terpenes and THC much better than drying and curing harvested flowers. To produce the best solventless products, the best way to start is to use fresh frozen cannabis.

Not only is fresh-frozen the way to go if you want to provide your clients a premium quality product, but it is also a more cost-effective option for the Cannabis business owners as well. One of the top reasons would be of course that no drying, curing or trimming is needed, which we all know takes time, space, energy and staff resources. The results are more consistent - with the right planning you can create more predictable high volume outputs allowing you to replicate the desired outcome again and again. But most importantly, your product is preserved at its peak quality for potency and flavor - this is a huge edge to have over other cannabis products available. Everyone wants to have the best quality and this is it. Lastly you are getting much more “bang for your buck” with fresh frozen as you are not losing the same amount of water weight as you would with dried material. A pound of fresh frozen is only a quarter of a pound by comparison to dried. So just to clarify - we are talking here about a product with higher premium quality and flavor, increased volumes, and a more cost effective and time efficient process in the long run.. This is the golden egg our present times have to offer in the Cannabis world.

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