Blast Freezing vs Alternatives - Increase Quality, Reduce Cull!

No matter the end use of the Cannabis product, the goal is to preserve the

native essence of the plant. As a Cannabis plant grows it produces

terpenoids and cannabinoids - those elements are really what you want to

preserve and ultimately when we extract them we do not want these compounds to degrade in any way. That preservation begins at harvest and continues through preparation of your material for extraction.

Blast Freezing replaces traditional methods, mainly fan air cooling, dry ice and freeze drying. The many benefits of blast freezing are becoming more and more known to the Cannabis Market. At the very root of it, you are giving your plant the royal treatment compared to conventional methods as it reduces the likelihood of freezer burn and hot spots by rapid forced air cooling and allowing air circulation of the product as opposed to fan cooling (static air) which may trap humidity and cause crystallization on a molecular level which damages the cells of the products affecting color, taste, longevity.

Freezer burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration and oxidation, due to air reaching the product. Hot spots can also occur in static freezing and because it takes a lot of time you are getting a lot of oxidation and creates cull. Air movement eliminates hot spots (areas with no air flow, poor circulation and pressure caused by the weight of the stacked products it causes very high heat causing damage to the product).

Forced air creates movement and a better chemistry for the product to freeze. With Blast freezing we have single cartons going through the machine and air going against those single cartons allows for proper circulation which is preventing the crystallization and the hot pockets from forming. With static air flow the air is stationary and the cold has to permeate osmotically which can take a very long time - with some products up to 72 hours where as in a Pack Frost it can can be done in 12-18 hours. So you are saving over 50% by using forced air getting the air through the product as opposed to static air which creates pockets and time. In some cases we can reduce the cull by up to 3% which in turn increases your income by that same amount.

Blast Freezing, is now exclusively offered by the Green Living Company

and is the optimal way to freeze your weed to prepare it for extraction. ,, It is portable, fast, energy efficient, and has a small carbon


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