Berries, Stone Fruits, Grapes, Snap Peas, Tomatoes, Squash, Leafy Greens, Peppers, Other Fruit & Vegetables (medium to high respiration rates)


Highland ColdPick M-SERIES

The HCP M1 Mobile Post Harvest Pre-Cooler allows the grower to pre-cool high respiration produce at the harvest site.

HCP-M1 can be designed to meet your needs to pre-cool ‘individual cartons’ from 1,000 lb / hour (M1) to multiple thousand lb / hour ‘pallet cooling’ (M6,M8)

Weber Cooling Vacuum Systems

For products with a “HIGH SURFACE TO WEIGHT” ratio like leafy salads, spinach, mushrooms, sprouts and flowers, vacuum pre-cooling is perfectly suited.


Other (more compact) produce like beans, broccoli, celery and sweetcorn, and perishable products like mushrooms can quickly and efficiently be pre-cooled by using vacuum.

The modular technology provides cooling chambers and solutions from totes, single pallett, and multiple pallett designs. Custom-made solutions can be easily manufactured using a modular approach.