Blast Freezing Cannabis & Vacuum Drying 

Why Freeze?

The Fresh Flower market has moved quickly to the Hemp and Fresh Frozen Flower market for the Extractors in support of the secondary processing of the Flower. 

The Green Living Company is designing and manufacturing

freezing systems to lower costs and increase productivity

in the Hemp and Frozen Fresh Flower market.


We offer three different sizes of fresh flower blast

freezers; 100,500,1000 lbs/day. We can also

customize to fit the growers needs.

Units are rated for indoors and are


Freezing Process


Harvest fresh cannabis within an hours of starting process


Quick Freeze


Frozen flower ready for long term storage or extraction

Vacuum Drying

Vacuum Drying not only significantly reduces the time it takes to remove the desired amount of moisture from your product - but it also helps prevent botrytis, ensures optimal quality, and saves on labor and space requirements guaranteeing you a much higher return on your product. 


Harvest fresh cannabis within an hour of starting process

Racking System

Insert Cannabis onto

Racking System

 Vacuum Dry

Vacuum Dry Product up to 2000/lbs per hour

Dried Cannabis Ready for Use or further curing stage



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